Exceptional Climbing Sites In The World

Beginners or confirmed, all climbing enthusiasts will agree on the fact that climbing on a rock, in the middle of nature, offers an incomparable feeling of freedom! And this activity is much more entertaining than playing casino online. While most training takes place indoors, climbing is one of the sports that allows you to travel the most. Some of the sites we have selected are a dream for all climbers, others will certainly be a discovery that will make them want to pack their bags, not forgetting their harness or harness! From Morocco to New Zealand via Brazil, here are our 10 favorite climbing sites.


Jebel Lekst, in the Moroccan Anti-Atlas

The Jebel Lekstn, which culminates at 2,345 m, is an ideal mountain range for climbing because its quartzite rocks have many holds while being very dense. The view of Tafraoute and its pink granite mountains, when you get higher, is splendid. One piece of advice: avoid climbing during the summer in the Anti-Atlas, the temperatures rise very quickly and the sun heats the rock!


Pedra Do Baú, climbing in Brazil

Pedra Do Baú is located in the southeast of Brazil, in the Serra da Mantiqueira, 250 km from Rio de Janeiro. This rock formation is a dream for climbing enthusiasts with an altitude of 1,750 m and 200 routes spread over several cliffs. It’s a real open-air training room: and what a sky since the view of the surrounding mountain range is splendid! If you are planning a trip to Brazil, this is the ideal spot to climb.


Halong Bay, a Vietnamese climbing sanctuary

With its 1,969 islands listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Halong Bay is one of the wonders of Vietnam. Its many rocky peaks form climbing sites for climbers of all levels. On the island of Dau Be, the triangular and limestone cliffs are reserved for the most seasoned climbers. Cat Ba Island has a large number of trails that will satisfy beginners.


Getu He, Chinese climbing empire

A 5-hour drive from Guiyang, in southwestern China, the Getu He Valley is the country’s main climbing spot. Its limestone cliffs seem to form a single, gigantic massif. One of these formations is named the great arch for the large cavity found in its center: this is the site not to be missed! Other routes were equipped during the 2001 Petzl Roc Trip, a large gathering of climbers.


El Potrero Chico, taking on the Mexican routes

To escape the low temperatures during winter, head for northern Mexico and Potrero Chico Park a few kilometers from Hidalgo in Nuevo León. Among the many limestone rock walls of the once submerged El Toro massif, some exceed 900 m in height and others are reserved for less experienced climbers. It is possible to camp directly at the foot of the cliffs.


Krabi, climbing in Thailand

Between Phuket and the Phi Phi Islands, the unspoiled beaches of Krabi Province, Thailand, attract many travelers. Among the latter, there are many climbers who have come to challenge the crevassed limestone walls at East Railay, West Railay, Tonsai and Phra Nang Beach. In all, more than 500 climbing routes are available to beginners or experienced rock climbers, with a maximum height of 120 m.


Dobongsan mountain, rock climbing in South Korea

Dobongsan Mountain is located in Bukhansan National Park, north of Seoul in South Korea. Favorite destination for Seoulites on sunny days, the park also welcomes sports enthusiasts who come to challenge the granite rocks at an altitude of more than 730 m. The Dobongsan offers breathtaking panoramic views throughout its ascent, it is one of the most popular spots for beginners or experienced climbers.


Wharepapa South, an exceptional site

Not far from Hamilton, in the heart of the North Island in New Zealand, Wharepapa South offers more than 800 courses in abundant and preserved nature. It is one of the most popular climbing spots in the country, particularly for its pleasant climate all year round and its rock faces scattered throughout the site. It is possible to take courses on site to learn about climbing in a sumptuous setting.


The Pordoi pass, climbing in the Dolomites

The Dolomites are a pre-Alpine massif located in the northeast of Italy, between Trentino-Alto Adige and Veneto. Le Corbusier had described it as “the most beautiful architectural work in the world”. Its walls of clear rocks, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, are the dream of many climbers. To reach the panoramic view of the Sass Pordoi, you will have to take the Maria route and its rather steep walls.


Monkey Face, temple of American climbing

Located in Smith Rock Park in Oregon, Monkey Face is a vertical-walled monolith named after its strange monkey-head shape. From the top of its 100 m, it offers multiple climbing routes. Among the most famous are the Just do it, the Rude Boys or the Scarface – with rather evocative names _ reserved for the most experienced climbers because of their difficulty.


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